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Josh Barrick

On November 5, 2006, while driving home from church, the Barrick family was struck head-on by a drunk driver going 80 miles per hour. Andy, Linda, 15 year old Jen and 11 year old Josh sustained life-threatening injuries. All four were rushed to different hospitals. Jen was not expected to live through the night, but God miraculously intervened. She was in a coma for 5 weeks and had severe traumatic brain injuries and multiple skull fractures.

The process of emerging from the coma took weeks and the doctors warned that Jen would be cursing and screaming in confusion. Instead, she was praying out loud and singing praise songs continuously.

Jen didn’t remember that 2+2=4. She didn’t know that she was hurt. She didn’t even know she had a brother. However, she knew every word to every praise song and every scripture she had hidden in her heart. It was amazing! The power of the Holy Spirit was so alive in her.

Although still recovering and still suffering from memory loss and “Cortical Blindness,” Jen is an awesome example of God’s grace. This teenager, who was once a quiet, deep-thinker, is now expressing her passion for God out loud to everyone she meets. She is uninhibited in her worship and excitement for the Lord.

Jen says, “I will never doubt my Lord and my Savior. He is the one healing me daily.“

Since the tragic wreck the Barrick family’s commitment to serve God and proclaim His Faithfulness is stronger than ever!

Josh, Jen's brother, is coming to the North Texas Easter Retreat as our speaker to teach and show our youth how they can "Be The Light" to their friends no matter the context. God wants to use their passions, talents, hobbies, failures, pain, and their story to impact the people He has placed in their life.

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